Our Featured Vendors This Year!

Sunshine's Moonlight - Handcrafted Candles, Bath Salts, Oils, Egyptian Blown Glass, Assorted shiny, smelly witchy things!

Tir Na Nog Crafts -Gifts with a touch of magic

The Sacred Stone -Crystals 

MerCurios  -Specializes in edgy, and inspiring handmade jewelry which can be easily customized by you.

Sabastien's Nook -Luxury Soaps, Body Butters, Scrubs and other Personal Botanical items. This year we will also be offering Reiki upon request

Irish Gyspy Vending -Puzzle boxed 3D Art and Key Chains

Daphney Fenelon -Hair Clips and Leather Bracelets

Lunar Fox Designs -Wiccan/Pagan Altar Decorations

The Crystal Cavern -Crytals, Crystal Crowns and Jewelry, handmade ritual oil and Sacred Perfume, soaps and bath bombs.

Strange Omens -Wiccan Stuff

Spirit Of Gaia -Oils

Lupine Craft Works -Leather Goods

The Glitter Addicts -Glitter Braid Bar Makeup and Accessories 

Revolutzia Handmade -Vinyl Jewelry

My Crafty Living -Dream Catchers 

Royal Cuteness -Tye-Dye Clothing

Shiny Stuff Gifts -Jewelry

Cynthia Sorgenfrei -Oils, Crystals and Jewelry

Power Stone Jewelry -Magnetic Jewelry, Engraved Rings, Window Art, Candle making for kids

Glitter -Witchy Goodnessand magical prints

Vena Rico Designs -Handmade ware

Stefy Customs -Wire Spirit trees

Mazahir Khandwaia -Wooden Items and Henna

Rose Brennan -Fairy Mech 

GIRL SCOUT COOKIES -A whole table dedicated to GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!